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Targeted financial education resources


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Walkgrove created a handy training resource for teachers so they could deliver effective school-based education about money management.

The training need

Young Money, as part of national charity Young Enterprise, equips young people to succeed with knowledge and work skills, including offering guidance about how to successfully earn and manage money.

Young Money provides educators with advice and resources for financial education in schools, and commissioned Walkgrove to develop a suite of digital modules as an alternative to classroom-based teacher training. The charity wanted a creative and engaging self-study solution for primary and secondary school teachers.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove produced a bespoke financial education e-learning course for teachers, giving them the tools and best practices to deliver high quality and relevant financial education to children and young people. The five bespoke e-learning modules within the course explain the purpose of financial education, the concept of financial capability, financial education in the curriculum, and practical delivery resources.

The custom e-learning course is available as two versions, each tailored with relevant content for either primary or secondary school teachers. In addition to professionally presented tutorials and activities, each course includes a range of reflective questions and a learner-created Action Plan, so that teachers can note down and save their thoughts and intentions for delivering financial education in their school.

The design is colourful, positive and uplifting, and each course is illustrated with relevant photography of children, young people and educators from diverse backgrounds.

The fully responsive online courses are deployed via a branded version of Walkgrove’s SCORM-compliant learning experience platform, Svelte. This enables Young Money to track learner completion and gather feedback.