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A partnership with PA consulting to support blended training on effective team work


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Blended
  • Multiple languages
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Walkgrove created a short module to promote new positive teamworking behaviours amongst individuals working globally within the field of innovative medical diagnostics.

The training need

Werfen is a global specialist in in vitro diagnostics (IVD) related to Hemostasis, Critical Care and Autoimmunity. The company asked PA Consulting to help them improve collaboration, communication and innovation within their organisation. To meet this need, PA Consulting developed an interactive Zoom workshop that would be mandatory for all Werfen staff and commissioned Walkgrove to produce a prerequisite e-learning course.

Before attending the longer training session on cross-collaboration, learners needed to understand the foundational concepts and be encouraged into adopting new behaviours.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a bespoke 30-minute e-learning module to help a broad audience at Werfen develop a strong base of knowledge about the underpinnings of collaborative working and internal innovation. The concise module introduces the concept of cross-collaboration, how this relates to the learner’s role, and how it can benefit the business.

To build confidence in the value of working practices that support cross-collaboration, the custom e-learning was designed to build confidence. It offers learners clear information and tools supported by real life applied examples that are relatable to learners’ professional roles. Using a warm, conversational and encouraging tone throughout, the course nudges learners out of their comfort zones to trial new ways of working.

The mobile-friendly training is easy to follow, with key learning points emphasised using attractive bespoke illustrations, diagrams and animations. Learning is supported by knowledge checks at key points, as well as thought-provoking test-to-teach questions and reflective exercises that encourage learners to think about how the concepts apply to their own situation.

The course was designed for translation into eight languages, including five European languages as well as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.