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Video-based systems training for managers in the built environment


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Simulation
  • Animation
  • Video
Walkgrove created a series of helpful video-based, mobile friendly guides for digital tools used on construction sites.

The training need

The Wates Group is a leading family-owned construction, development and property services business.

Wates commissioned Walkgrove to produce introductory systems training for project managers and site managers.

Field Tools were designed to help improve quality and efficiency in on-site management and Wates wanted to ensure that teams could use these new digital systems effectively. The training had to explain the purpose and benefits of the new digital systems, as well as give step-by-step instruction on performing the most important system-based tasks.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a series of 12 professional and mobile-friendly ‘how-to’ videos for Wates to offer managers clear instruction in the new digital Field Tools applications.

Each bespoke mobile friendly e-learning video module is concise and to the point. A three-minute introductory video shows learners the key benefits of having the Field Tools on site as well as providing a tour of the dedicated iPad and its pre-installed apps.

Four other Field Tools videos, each between three and four minutes in length, focus on how to use specific functions and applications. The videos introduce learners to operating a bespoke PDF reader application and using Field Tools applications to complete site inspection records, fill out a site diary and upload site progress photos.

The rest of the videos demonstrate how to use the Wates IT Self Service Portal to access the Field Tools, such as ordering software and hardware to site and setting up new users.

The custom e-learning videos take a systematic approach, demonstrating each stage of completing a task and using scenario-based examples to put the digital tools in context.

Video sequences display minimal on-screen text, instead combining clear explanatory visuals and friendly audio narration to demonstrate system features. Zoom and highlighting techniques emphasise each part of the system being discussed.