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Global, multilingual induction
e-learning developed using Articulate Storyline


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive

WaterAid commissioned Walkgrove to develop a single induction course for new starters and existing staff in order to deliver a global, consistent message to all about the organisation.

The overall aim of the course is to provide a ‘Welcome to WaterAid’ for new starters and existing staff to deliver a consistent message globally. Specifically, the objectives of the e-learning course are to:

  • Help the learners discover WaterAid, what WaterAid does, why WaterAid is needed and how WaterAid works
  • Ensure learners have the key information to help them be really effective in their role
  • Remind learners that they have joined a fantastic organisation!

Given the global audience of this course, the e-learning was translated into French and Portuguese.

Although the module was made available via the WaterAid LMS, for users with limited bandwidth, an offline version capable of being distributed and delivered on USB drive was made available.

Accessibility and inclusion is a strong requirement for WaterAid, therefore, the e-learning complies with WCAG2.0 accessibility standards in so far as they could be incorporated in the chosen development tool of Articulate Storyline.