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E-learning to complement the VOA’s re-design of its training assessment procedures


  • E-learning

Walkgrove were asked to design e-learning that will complement the Valuation Office Agency’s (VOA) re-design of its training and assessment procedures following a formal review of the Assessment and Development Centre (ADC) process. As in our previous project with VOA, we were contracted to undertake the design of this three-hour program and VOA undertook the technical build in-house, including the graphics.

The existing ADC process had been in operation for about five years, but – for various reasons – the number of suitable candidates for promotion to Bands 1 and 2 had been drying up.

In addition, there had been criticism because:

  • Technical staff felt disadvantaged by the current system
  • Candidates of 50+ haven’t tended to get through the ADCs
  • Unsuccessful candidates had felt disillusioned by perceived failure

Changes were also prompted by the introduction of ‘world class’ standards for the Civil Service and the allied Professional Skills for Government (PSG) competencies.

Visually, the design reflected the theme of a development ‘journey’. Journeys by both train and lift were suggested. There was more enthusiasm for the latter idea as it reflected the idea of progress towards a higher band and offers the opportunity of stopping-off points on the journey upwards.