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Five e-learning modules covering the major facets of council tax


  • E-learning

The Valuations Office Agency (VOA) needed to train staff in the following major facets of council tax; each of which required a 20-minute e-learning module:

  • Introduction to Council Tax
  • Legal Principles
  • Dwellinghouse Coding
  • Data Enhancement
  • Main Sources of Information
  • Valuation Process

The program also included a Programme Overview to help learners get started and an Assessment and Evaluation module so learners could test what they have learned.

Walkgrove worked with VOA to develop the e-learning program by supplying an instructional designer to work with their in-house programmer and graphics artist.

VOA wanted to bring the topic to life and use an innovative treatment.

What the client had to say:

“Walkgrove were awarded the contract and their designer, Mark Sampson, was briefed. Having learned that Mark had previously appeared on TV, showcasing his home in France that he built out of straw, we were anticipating something quite innovative. Mark didn’t disappoint when he presented the concept of ‘Slim City’ where learners find themselves in an imaginary city, are introduced to a variety of dwellings and their inhabitants and are guided through numerous council tax work areas including coding and banding.”