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    The training need

    Vitality is an award-winning insurance company offering 5* Defaqto-rated products. They recognised that their sales agents are a key factor in their success, and therefore invested in an 18-month training programme focused on sales skills. As the culmination of this programme, they sought an external partner to develop a Sales Mindset module to drive home the point that skills alone will not suffice: the right mindset is essential for sales agents to be successful in their work.

    Vitality wanted the module to be as interactive as possible, inviting self-reflection and encouraging learners to use their resilience as well as their skills.

    The module was targeted at sales agents across four departments–Health, Life, Care and Investment–with different levels of experience. It was therefore important that the course catered for this diversity whilst communicating the universal messages of the sales mindset being promoted.

    Sales agents are time-poor and want to know, ‘what’s in it for me?’ As a result, the course could take no more than 20 minutes, and would need to capture learners’ interest right from the start.

    Our bespoke learning solution

    Vitality have a strong brand identity that spans visual identity and tone of voice. It was important that we captured both elements in our designs. We opened with a bright splash screen that featured Vitality’s mascot, the dachshund Stanley, with an irreverent thought from him that set the tone for the piece.

    The course then launched into a demonstration of the importance of mindset by playing an audio recording of a salesperson whose negative mindset prevented him from making a sale. This attention-grabber illustrated the essential part that mindset plays in sales work, and immediately encouraged learners to think about their own mindset.

    Learners were then treated to video recordings from Vitality ambassadors Ellie Simmonds and Lord Sebastian Coe, who generously shared their own experiences and mindset tips to learners. In addition to audio and video, the course also included an attractive illustrated character animation.

    At the heart of the course were reflective questionnaires which asked learners to think honestly about their mindset. Learners received personalised feedback and advice based on their answers, ensuring that all information was relevant and targeted. Learners were provided with a useful motivational model and shown how to avoid demotivation.

    The course did not exceed its required duration of 20 minutes, demonstrating how much can be achieved through clever instructional techniques.