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A fresh approach to compliance training


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The training need

Vitality is an award-winning insurance company offering 5* Defaqto-rated products. As a seller of regulated products, it is essential that their staff receive high-quality compliance training.

Vitality had internally developed a full suite of courses, including the Complaints module. For their latest iteration of this module, however, they sought fresh ideas from Walkgrove to lift what is often perceived as a dry topic.

Feedback from the business had identified ‘pain points’ that needed further emphasis in their training; however, not all of these would be relevant to every part of the business, so flexibility for learners was required.

Vitality were also keen that the refreshed training would show learners that compliance underpins everything that they do, and that thorough knowledge of the topic would support them in their daily work.

The course was scoped at 40 minutes and required a randomised assessment, with some questions flagged as mandatory.

Our bespoke learning solution

We knew that to engage learners in the topic, we would need to blend attractive visuals, effective learning design and clear contextual messaging.

From the outset, our graphic and instructional designers worked in synergy to create a clean and attractive interface that matches Vitality’s strong brand identity and enhances the content. We used video and narrated animation to add a human connection, emphasise key messages and illustrate more complex topics.

Our instructional designers worked closely with Vitality’s content owners to section the course into bite-sized chunks and identify credible case studies for knowledge check questions. This ensures that learners quickly digest the key learning points and see the applicability of the training to their daily work.

We ensured that the content was written in a plain English style that is suitable for the broad target audience, and that aligns with the Vitality tone of voice which incorporates appropriate humour. For example, Stanley, Vitality’s dachshund mascot, features at key points to lift the mood in this serious topic.

The development timelines were tight, and not all the content was immediately available; however, our team adapted to this challenge through careful planning, and designed a seamless course that meets the needs of learners and the wider business.