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Agile development of systems simulations to support blended training on a customer services platform


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Blended
  • Simulation

Commissioned by Hemsley Fraser on behalf of Virgin Media, Walkgrove Ltd completed the rapid development of bespoke e-learning and systems simulations for the Virgin Media Retentions team to introduce a new customer service system, called Discover.

The project challenge

Virgin Media did not have a training environment to teach Retentions staff about how to use Discover, the company’s new and more intelligent customer services platform. They needed a blended learning solution to ensure that Retentions staff could maximise the potential of Discover to support brilliant customer conversations. Virgin needed a particularly tight turnaround for delivery of the project, having already been told by another custom e-learning supplier that the desired timescale was not achievable. The product needed to be mobile friendly.

Our learning solution

Walkgrove used an agile development approach requiring only light input from the client, so that it was possible to deliver a quality e-learning product in less than six weeks. We created a one-hour, self-directed bespoke learning solution that would introduce 1,000 learners to Discover. The introductory e-learning module was designed to create learner buy-in to the benefits of the new software, as well as to highlight the system’s improved functions compared to the old software.

Our custom e-learning solution included clear and intuitive guided tours around the Discover system for Retentions staff. We presented exact replicas of system screens that were enhanced with interactive tools, giving learners the opportunity to discover and explore Discover’s key features. The introductory e-learning module also enabled learners to test their understanding through regular knowledge checks.

Within the same tight timeframe, Walkgrove also built four detailed system simulations of Discover to support Virgin Media’s instructor-led follow-up training. Systems simulations highlighted Discover’s new functions in the context of different customer relations scenarios. To ensure learning flexibility in the classroom environment, we avoided a ‘page-turning’ style and made it possible to access and repeat simulations in any order. To support the in-class experience, we also added hints, tips and feedback for learners as they progressed through the comprehensive systems simulations.