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A helpful introduction for industry professionals


  • E-learning
  • LMS
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Animation

Walkgrove created a clear, practical and approachable introduction to process industry valves for an online learning academy.

The training need

Valve Academy wants to give professionals who work with valves an opportunity to gain recognition for their skills and experience.

As part of the Academy’s development of an e-learning platform, they sought a ‘proof of concept’ module that would certify learners in the basics of valve functioning. Valve Academy asked Walkgrove to build a simple and engaging interactive module that could be easily purchased and launched online.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a one-hour introductory e-learning course that explains what valves are, how they work and introduces the types of commonly used process industry valves.

The learning course is bright, clear and highly visual. To accompany the key text summaries, the custom e-learning module includes bespoke photography of valves in action and helpful explanatory illustrations and animations. Learners are guided through the course by a friendly valve mentor, Shane.

In addition to the main training materials, learners are supported in familiarising themselves with valve fundamentals by a glossary of key terms and a quick-access bank of labelled valve diagrams.

The bespoke e-learning module also includes regular challenge questions and activities, and finishes with a simple assessment.

To enable easy launch and study of the module, Walkgrove also supplied our light Learning Management System, Svelte, as part of the training package. The added e-commerce functionality enables Valve Academy customers to purchase the e-learning module online and launch it directly from a desktop or mobile device.