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Clear procedural guidance for effective performance management


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Walkgrove created a clear step-by-step guide to an important part of the performance management process within the United Nations.

The training need

The United Nations (UN) Office of Human Resources Management required an online training programme about the rebuttal process.

If staff members are given an under-performance rating in a performance review, they have the right to challenge this using the UN’s formal rebuttal process.

At the time of commission, there was no training in place that explained rebuttal. The UN asked Walkgrove to build a simple course that would give employees a working understanding of rebuttal so that they would be equipped to use this process if needed.

This training was mandatory for staff who serve as rebuttal panel members, as well as other HR personnel. It was also needed as an optional overview for wider staff members.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a 45-minute bespoke e-learning to guide panel members through each step of the UN rebuttal process. The content helps learners to understand what the process is, the objectives of the rebuttal panel, the responsibilities of panel members and how to conduct a review.

The well-structured course is divided into concise modules that mirror each stage of the process. Clear infographics and timelines help learners to understand and absorb information about the important dates and tasks within every phase of the rebuttal procedure.

The learning is packed full of hints, tips and key things to consider for panel members. Separate modules also give additional advice tailored to the roles of HR officers as well as to the wider employee team.

The custom e-learning design is approachable and positive, including diverse photography reflecting UN staff and a bright on-brand colour palette. The modules include regular knowledge checks to consolidate learning and the module finishes with a brief quiz-style assessment on must-know leaning points.