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A fun induction into water and wastewater services


  • E-learning

Walkgrove created an engaging and lighthearted technical introduction to the operation of the water and wastewater network for new employees of United Utilities.

The training need

United Utilities provide water and wastewater services in the North West of England, UK. The company asked Walkgrove to produce nine e-learning courses as part of the company’s induction materials, based on some existing face-to-face training.

The series of e-learning courses were needed to highlight the steps taken by United Utilities when dealing with water collection and storage, treatment, distribution and usage, as well as wastewater removal and treatment. They also needed to provide guidance on company procedures and standards when delivering services to customers.

As part of the requirement, United Utilities needed three modules that would introduce learners to the core of their water and wastewater operations.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove designed three engaging bespoke learning solutions to interest and inform learners about the functions of United Utilities’ water and waste water services. The 40-minute module, “Water and wastewater network” explains the life cycle of water from the United Utilities perspective. It explains where water originates, its collection, storage and treatment, distribution and use, through to wastewater removal and treatment.

In a fast-paced 20-minute custom e-learning module, Walkgrove take learners on a journey through the wastewater network. Along the way, the course describes each piece of key apparatus and explains who is responsible for maintaining each part of the network.

Another short module of 20 minutes gives learners an overview of wastewater odour and pollution, its causes and impacts and responsibilities for resolving such problems.

To engage learners in the materials and match the tone and culture of United Utilities, the modules used a light-hearted and humorous learning mascot, Juan Leita, who accompanies learners on their journey. E-learning development also included the creation of interesting trivia, fun facts and quiz questions to keep learners interested and entertained. The highly visual courses use diagrams and real-life photography of equipment, operations and water issues to help further clarify and contextualise the technical information.