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Introducing new starters to customer relations systems and processes


  • E-learning
  • Simulation
  • Story/scenario driven

Walkgrove created three bespoke e-learning modules for waste and water services employees that introduced the company systems and processes for handling customer relations.

The training need

Water and wastewater services company United Utilities selected Walkgrove to build nine e-learning courses for new starters, as part of the company’s suite of induction materials.

The series of e-learning courses were converted from face-to-face materials and needed to highlight the key areas of United Utilities water operations as well as provide guidance on best practice and company procedures, standards and systems when delivering services to customers.

As part of the series, United Utilities asked for three courses that introduced learners to the computer systems and processes involved in managing customer relationships, responding to customer reports of water leakages and arranging work and repairs.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created three bespoke e-learning modules for United Utilities on customer-related software and procedures. The 15-minute short course “Introduction to CRM” helps learners to familiarise themselves with the company’s customer relationships management (CRM) tool, focusing on how to log in and how to navigate around.

The 40-minute custom e-learning course “Raising work” introduces learners to the notification process for issues requiring attention from a waste or water inspector, such as a customer who reports not having any water at their property. The modules outline what types of work can be requested and the criteria for doing so, and demonstrates how to use the CRM to book the required work.

The 20-minute course “Water Showing Not Private” covers how United Utilities should approach reports of water appearing on public land. After exploring the causes of leaks and bursts, it explains the procedure for dealing with reporting customers including information-gathering and how to prioritise work.

To help learners become comfortable with using new software, our e-learning development team used ‘show and try’ exercises based on interactive system screen replicas, allowing learners to practice in a non-live system environment. To encourage knowledge application, learners are taken step-by-step through realistic customer scenarios, including using the system to complete customer searches and reports. Real-life photography of water and waste issues also help to contextualise the training information, including dramatic pictures of leaks and bursts.

The tone and language is informal to reflect United Utilities’ culture and tone of voice. We also included frequent mini-quizzes and fun and memorable facts to help maximise learner interest and attention.