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Introducing a vital piece of water treatment equipment


  • E-learning
  • Story/scenario driven

Walkgrove created a short and accessible introduction to a vital piece of equipment in the water treatment system, in order to help new starters understand the work of United Utilities.

The training need

United Utilities provide water and wastewater services in the North West of England, UK. The company commissioned Walkgrove to create a series of nine e-learning courses as part of their induction materials.

The e-learning courses were to be based on existing face-to-face training, and needed to be equally engaging and helpful for employees starting their professional journey at United Utilities. The training needed to highlight the steps taken by United Utilities when dealing with water collection and storage, treatment, distribution and usage, as well as wastewater removal and treatment.

One of the courses focused on inlet screens, which stop rubbish from entering the water treatment system. United Utilities wanted learners to understand how this mechanism worked and why its maintenance was important.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove designed a 30-minute e-learning guide to Inlet screens that gave learners a quick and practical tour of this important piece of equipment. The clear, bespoke e-learning course demonstrated the purpose of an inlet screen and how it works, and showed learners how to spot common faults and complete essential maintenance tasks.

Our custom e-learning solution uses activities and interactive presentation screens to convey the learning messages. The focus is on encouraging learning through exploration and practice.

To make the inlet screen and its functions easier to understand, our e-learning development team included bespoke animations and labelled diagrams of the mechanism. E-learning design also included relevant photography of United Utilities operations to illustrate real life inlet screens. This helps to ensure that the custom e-learning is meaningful to learners and more easily applicable to the workplace.

Quick self-test activities are regularly included to check understanding of the key features of the inlet screen, and a fast-paced quiz at the end validates learner recall of key learning points.