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Highly interactive and engaging e-learning providing guidance on DSE requirements


  • E-learning

Using a combination of bespoke photographic imagery and high quality bespoke graphics and animations, this highly interactive and engaging e-learning provides guidance on display screen equipment (DSE) requirements.

Aimed at staff at HQ and several off-site areas, and making use of United Utilities specific case studies, the course enables learners to assess and avoid risks of injury to themselves and their colleagues within a realistic and familiar context.

Having completed the course, learners are able to:

  •  Understand the importance of DSE
  •  Recognise how to adopt a suitable sitting posture
  •  Describe the risks associated with incorrect posture
  •  Identify how to organise their own desk area
  •  Describe the benefits of ensuring that equipment is adjusted correctly
  •  Describe how to avoid discomfort
  •  Identify the symptoms associated with visual fatigue
  •  Describe the need to close out actions following risk assessment