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Concise summaries of customer service best practice


  • E-learning
  • Story/scenario driven

Walkgrove created two short e-learning modules for United Utilities that introduced new starters to key elements of their customer services practices.

The training need

Walkgrove was commissioned by United Utilities, a water and wastewater provider, to create a series of nine e-learning courses based on existing face-to-face training. The courses were designed for new staff to accompany their three week face-to-face induction, as well as act as a refresher for existing staff.

The series of e-learning courses focused on explaining the company’s area of operations as well as providing clarity and guidance on best practice and company procedures, standards and systems when delivering services to customers.

As part of the series of bespoke e-learning, United Utilities requested two courses on customer care: the principles and processes of offering customer compensation, and how United Utilities serves customers with extra needs.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created two bespoke e-learning modules to introduce United Utilities learners to customer care best practice. The 20-minute module “Compensating our Customers” explains the situations in which compensation may be paid, the different levels of payment and who is part of the compensation process. The concise 10-minute module “ExtraCare” gives learners a clear overview of the services offered to customers with additional needs and explains the registration process.

Our e-learning design includes activities and interactive presentation screens with a focus on encouraging learners to learn through exploration, practice and feedback.

We brought the custom e-learning modules to life using real-life practical examples and case studies to help ensure the information was interesting and relevant to learners.

The tone and language was informal and the e-learning development team used some well-placed humorous elements, including interventions by learning mascot Juan Leita, to reflect United Utilities’ culture and tone of voice.