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Learning programme and teaser trailer on handling operational risks


  • E-learning
  • Mobile first, responsive
  • Marketing collateral
  • Animation
  • Gamification
  • Story/scenario driven

    Walkgrove created two informative e-learning courses and a promotional trailer for all United Nations (UN) staff about how to deal with the risks inherent in their work.

    The training need

    Due to the scope and scale of the United Nations’ work worldwide, the organisation deals with risk at all times. As a result, the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) tool was introduced to support risk monitoring and mitigation.

    To support the development of a robust risk management culture, the UN Department of Operational Support asked Walkgrove to refresh the content of ERM training materials.

    A new foundation-level course was required that would be accessible and relevant to all UN staff. The aim of this training was to raise awareness of risk in UN work and to give an overview of the ERM, including its benefits and how to use the tool.

    A more advanced course about ERM was also requested, which needed to be tailored for audiences who deal closely with risk management in their daily roles.

    Our bespoke learning solution

    Walkgrove created a mobile-friendly, bespoke e-learning programme on risk management for the UN. The first element included a one-hour bespoke e-learning course on ERM fundamentals for all UN staff. The course covers the nature of risk, the purpose of the ERM, and how to mitigate risks by following the ERM’s six steps.

    The new course includes a friendly learning guide, who takes the audience through concise tutorial screens that are brought to life with infographics, dynamic animations, audio and custom interactions. As well as dynamic presentations of risk management principles and best practices, the course walks learners through a real-life example to illustrate how to apply the ERM process.

    The custom e-learning also includes test-then-tell learning challenges and knowledge checks, with learner answers contributing to their score on a gamified ‘risk meter.’ A final graded assessment concludes the course and allows learners to receive certification.

    Walkgrove also developed a two-hour bespoke course that focuses on the ERM framework at an advanced level for relevant staff, using a complementary learning design. The Advanced course uses a scenario-based structure and features a cast of diverse global UN characters with whom the learner must work in order to complete a risk register.

    To promote uptake of the training programme across the organisation, Walkgrove produced a 60-second teaser trailer featuring key learning benefits and messages.