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Four hours of multilingual e-learning, covering the UNICEF programme planning process


  • E-learning
  • Simulation
  • Multiple languages

UNICEF selected Walkgrove to develop four hours of e-learning covering the Programme Planning Process (PPP) within UNICEF.

Developed using Articulate Storyline and translated into French and Spanish, the course comprises seven modules to provide an introduction and overview of the subject matter.

The e-learning is part of a blended solution and successful completion is a prerequisite for attending a face-to-face workshop where the concepts are discussed and the skills are practised.

Our challenge with this project was that learners, particularly those new to UNICEF, could find the concepts complex and overwhelming. So our aim was to continually clarify and simplify the material and allow the learner to remain in control. By using simple exercises to check understanding, providing frequent brief summaries and by adapting the Country Programming Cycle diagram to serve as a visual reference throughout, our e-learning helps to ensure learners ‘know where they are’ at all times as they work through the modules.

The delivery is rapid-paced and engaging to avoid the risk of the learner feeling ‘bogged down’ by detail or complexity. Scenarios are used throughout, adopting a number of key characters so that learners can appreciate the impact of some of the higher-level decisions and actions they might take on safeguarding and child protection issues. 

These e-learning modules are used by all UNICEF programme staff at HQ, regional office and country levels; secondary audiences also include some specific operations staff.