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Child rights toolkit e-learning, developed using Articulate


  • E-learning
  • Marketing collateral
  • Animation
  • Multiple languages

UNICEF and the EU have developed a ‘Child Rights Toolkit: Integrating child rights in development cooperation’. This consists of eight modules designed to strengthen the capacity of development partners, European Commission staff, bilateral donors and other development actors to integrate a child rights approach across key areas of development programming, budgeting, policy-making and law making.

The Toolkit is complemented by an e-learning program that aims to further strengthen the capacity of key targeted stakeholders to mainstream child rights in development cooperation and to ensure safeguarding. This programme provides an easily accessible, interactive experience of the Toolkit’s contents and tools.

Available in English, French and Spanish, the suite and each of the individual modules is introduced by an impactful animation covering the key terms and concepts that the learner will cover. Information is presented using a variety of intuitive, learner-driven interactions. The modules also feature further information and links to in-depth resources, facts and additional topic data and examples of real-world applications of the topics. The Toolkit itself is also embedded allowing on demand access via an extensive Resource Centre of documents and links or from strategically placed on-screen links.

In addition to formative questions that appear throughout the content, there is a quiz at the end of each module designed to check the learner’s understanding of the topics covered. Ultimately, there is an End of Course Assessment designed to test understanding of all key concepts across the whole course and certifies attainment of the course learning objectives.