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Detailed scenario and character-based e-learning developed in eXact Packager


  • E-learning
  • Multiple languages

By the very nature of the work that they do, all UNHCR courses deal with highly sensitive and ‘difficult’ topics and subjects and are aimed at a worldwide, highly dispersed audience; most of whom do not have English as their first language.

Aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of senior managers, multifunctional and programme staff across the organisation, and enhancing the capacity of specialist technicians, our e-learning comprises around five hours of interactive material covering topics including child protection and safeguarding.

It is constructed around a single case study scenario which provides opportunities to apply and test newly acquired knowledge and skills within a safe, yet credible and realistic context. The module’s narrative is approached from the perspectives of three characters:

  • A senior manager who is responsible for developing strategy
  • A programme officer in a multi-functional team who is responsible for planning and co-ordinating shelter programmes and aligning these with other sectors
  • A shelter technician who is responsible for implementing shelter and settlement solutions

These characters engage learners who identify with one of the roles but they also help the learner to see settlement and shelter issues from different, alternative points of view. With only three characters to relate to, our design challenge was to ensure that they appeal to the wide and diverse demographic audience.

The materials are developed using UNHCR’s preferred development tool, eXact Packager, and deployed via their Cornerstone LMS.