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An 11-module e-learning induction programme to provide an introduction to RSD for new decision makers


  • E-learning
  • Multiple languages
  • Story/scenario driven

The training need

UNHCR identified a need for a flexible and widely accessible training tool to provide an introduction to Refugee Status Determination (RSD) for new decision makers. Whilst they had a blended learning program, comprising regional workshops and on the job coaching and mentoring as part of induction processes in the respective operations, there was no globally available learning solution for an introduction to RSD.

An online e-learning RSD induction programme would:

  • Meet the growing training needs around this very important subject
  • Provide flexibility and accessibility for all new decision makers
  • Enable self-directed learning, and thus reduce reliance on experienced staff members for the induction part of the training (further in depth on the job training and support would however continue) and
  • Ensure global consistency

The programme comprised 11 modules and three quizzes;, a total of eight hours of learning. An additional requirement was to have the modules available in English, Russian, French and Spanish and Walkgrove has just completed this translation work.

Our bespoke learning solution

Using well-structured topics, relevant imagery and interactive screens, the modules are visually appealing to a diverse audience and engage learners in exploring the layers of learning. Input is interspersed with personal reflection activities and knowledge checks which further contextualise and recap the learning.

Fictional scenarios with globally relevant characters and audio bring the modules to life and clearly explain and illustrate key information drawn from complex source content, much of it with a heavy legal focus.  The same characters are used throughout the eleven modules to ensure continuity.

Videos provided by the UN are embedded in the modules, and Walkgrove dubbed these in the required languages.

There are many additional resources which support the learning. Some of these came from UN sources and others were created by Walkgrove to support exercises within the modules. They are accessed through the Resource link on screen. UN logos and branding are clearly visible throughout the modules.

The design and development process was a lengthy one, with access to subject matter experts and reviewers often impacted due to their involvement in missions. The success of the project was strongly influenced by the long term partnership with the client and involvement of the same Walkgrove Project Manager throughout the process to ensure that updates at any stage were backdated and consistently reflected across all relevant modules and language versions.

Client feedback

Contact 1: “Thanks very much for all the hard work on this course, your precision and reliability is priceless really.”

Contact 2: “Allow me to echo [Contact 1’s] words and thank you and your team for the great support, flexibility, and responsiveness that you have extended to us during a rather complex process of translations of the course into multiple languages.”