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Comprehensive e-learning; highly sensitive subject matter delivered to a global audience


  • E-learning
  • Multiple languages

By the very nature of the work that they do, all UNHCR courses deal with highly sensitive and ‘difficult’ topics and subjects and are aimed at a worldwide, highly dispersed audience; most of whom do not have English as their first language.

Expectations for humanitarian needs assessment methodology have changed in recent years since the implementation of results based management, the introduction of the Focus database and the advent of humanitarian reform and the cluster system.

UNHCR’s multi-sector needs assessment training is underpinned by a series of e-learning modules developed by Walkgrove and covers the basic principles of multi-sector needs assessment including topics such as child protection and safeguarding.

The total e-learning programme has a duration of around 6½ hours and is split into six modules, each with its own formal assessment.

The introduction of the multi-sector needs assessment e-learning allows learners across the globe to study at a time that is convenient to them and fits in with their other work. It enables the learning material to be accessible to all at any time.

The materials are developed using UNHCR’s preferred development tool, eXact Packager, and deployed via their Cornerstone LMS.