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Training to improve the skills of UNHCR staff on the topic of detention and safeguarding


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Multiple languages

UNHCR commissioned Walkgrove to develop an e-learning program on the Fundamentals of Immigration Detention. The course was designed to give UNHCR staff a baseline of information on the topic of detention and the processes involved.

The training need

The need for this program, which covers prerequisite knowledge and concepts related to the topic of detention, was identified during the analysis phase of the project. The Training Needs Analysis (TNA) identified that:

  •  The baseline level of knowledge on the topic of detention was lower than anticipated
  •  Within existing UNHCR resources, there was no learning programme which covered the fundamentals of detention

E-learning was identified as a suitable medium for the training.

This program targeted UNHCR staff involved in legal, protection and/or community-based protection work internationally, as well as UNHCR partners and stakeholders involved with detention.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove designed a three-hour bespoke interactive e-learning course. It explains the different elements and actors involved and covers a range of topics including safeguarding and child protection.

The course comprises six units and at the end of each unit the learners are presented with self-check questions to assess their knowledge. A comprehensive bank of supplemental resources was embedded in the e-learning to provide further study opportunities. The imagery in the course is largely photographic, using imagery provided by UNHCR and the UNHCR image library. The photographs reflect the diversity of the audience and the range of situations covered.