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A comprehensive foundation of induction training for UN employees working with fuel


  • E-learning
  • Animation
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Gamification
  • Story/scenario driven
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    The training need

    UN DOS had existing CD-ROM based, text-heavy e-learning which was developed in the context of in-house fuel operations. By the client’s own review, their existing course was dated in terms of technical build, modern e-learning design standards and functionality, and was in need of revitalising, transferring to a trackable, contemporary online solution.

    Additionally, the client had since moved to turnkey, bulk and commercial contracts where in-house staff had more of an oversight responsibility, with the contractor being responsible for the highly technical and operational side of this business. Therefore, the client needed the new course to shift perspective regarding fuel management and took a highly collaborative approach to reviewing and updating course content.

    We agreed that the aim of the updated induction course was: to provide foundation knowledge to all field mission UN staff involved in the management of fuel.

    Our bespoke learning solution

    The Introduction to Fuel Management solution we created is divided into a suite of nine short, interactive and engaging modules, with a total duration of five hours.

    The modules cover a wide ranging number of topics including; technical basic knowledge about fuel, oils and lubricants, environmental issues, fuel procurement, contract and risk management and fraud prevention.

    Our learning designer significantly improved the interactivity and original content presentation approach and refreshed the learning to ensure thorough comprehension of the key messages.

    The suite features animated ‘attention grabbers’ at the beginning of each module to kick start the learning experience in a dynamic and highly visual format. We feature scenarios which emphasise the importance of understanding the key concepts covered in each module. We also feature interactive case studies throughout the modules to place the information within realistic contexts.

    Each module is hosted by a different mentor character, who guide the learner through their specific area of expertise. The characters add a welcoming and approachable tone to the modules and make the modules more distinguishable.

    We also use relevant, sophisticated visuals and a multi-layered content presentation to create a sleek and contemporary look-and-feel for the course – consistent across all modules. Visual features include whole-screen photographic backgrounds, clean and impactful graphics, animated characters and smooth, simple transitions to promote a sense of flow throughout each topic.

    Each module closes with a short quiz, featuring light-touch gamification via a ‘fuel meter’ which fills/empties in accordance with the learner’s results, to stimulate learner interest and promote a growing sense of confidence.