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Anti-bribery and corruption compliance training delivered via our Svelte LMS


  • E-learning
  • LMS
Tullow Oil plc currently employs approximately 2,116 staff (including contractors and consultants) across the world, and the Tullow Code of Business Conduct e-Learning Programme is mandatory for all staff. The aim of the course is to ensure that Tullow’s day-to-day business activities are conducted in a fair, honest and ethical manner.

The 40-45 minute e-learning has an engaging design and contains examples and scenarios which are familiar to personnel working in the oil industry. The course is divided into two main modules. The Anti-Bribery and Corruption module is designed to emphasise Tullow’s compliance with laws, policies, procedures and regulations in relation to anti-bribery and corruption (ABC), as well as its commitment to ethical business practices. By the end of the module learners will understand the key messages in ABC and its impacts, be able to recognise both the consequences of non-compliance, and how to transfer learning into the workplace.

The Code module complements and supports the existing Code of Business Conduct Programme, and demonstrates how staff can promote and apply the Code to their conduct and work. The learning links to Tullow Oil’s values and zero-tolerance policy for bribery and corruption, focusing on behaviours and culture. It encourages staff to operate in an open and transparent manner, urging them to ‘do the right thing’ and ‘speak up’ if they have concerns about the business or where they know or suspect the Code is being breached.

Creating and delivering this e-learning has provided Tullow with:

  • A consistent learning program for all staff across the company
  • A low-cost delivery mechanism to reach a Group-wide audience
  • An approach which can be integrated as part of a wider blend of learning interventions
  • An audit trail demonstrating full compliance at course level