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Large suite of road safety modules and videos


  • E-learning
  • Mobile first, responsive
  • LMS
  • Animation
  • Story/scenario driven
  • Video

Walkgrove created a comprehensive suite of e-learning modules and training videos focused on safe driving for work.

The training need

TTC Group, under the brand Driver Protect, offer road safety and driver training services to mitigate risks on the road. TTC wanted to develop a digital learning approach for its clients and the company approached Walkgrove to create modules for their driver management platform, Continuum. The modules would form the basis of a learning programme of tailored digital educational content based on driver risk assessments and needs analysis.

The wide target audience is all individuals who drive any vehicle for work, up to 3.5 tonne vans. TTC wanted short, snappy, memorable and media-rich learning that focused on smartphones as the primary delivery device.

The organisation asked for e-learning modules that focused on a range of practical safety tips to reduce driving risks. TTC also needed short mini-modules on safe driving that would reinforce the main learning programme. In addition, they needed a temporary learning management system to host the solution, whilst they built their own bespoke platform.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a suite of bespoke e-learning modules and mini-videos on driver safety. Each of the fifteen fully responsive e-learning modules takes between eight and twelve minutes to complete on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

E-learning modules focus on general hazard awareness, speed management and driver risk assessments, as well as the specific risks of drugs and alcohol and in-vehicle distractions. Other modules teach techniques to avoid accidents including visual scanning, defensive road positioning, safe parking and rear-end protection. Eco-safety modules cover environmentally friendly driving and driving electric vehicles.

In addition, Walkgrove created 36 mini-videos that drivers receive monthly as part of their learning programme. These focus on core road safety messages for one to three minutes, covering single topics such as winter driving, bend safety, mirrors and motorway breakdowns.

All modules encourage good driving practices rather than instilling policy or law and motivate learners to apply what they have learned to their everyday driving.

The media rich training modules use dramatised character videos and character audio narration to bring the key safety messages to life. The character storylines immerse learners in realistic day-to-day scenarios that highlight the everyday challenges of driving and provide a consistent narrative arc across modules. Characters are relatable and diverse and their friendly dialogue helps to create a warm tone. The learning content is supported by helpful animations, punchy key message screens and scenario-based questions to reinforce learner understanding.

An instance of Walkgrove’s light LMS, Svelte, was also provided as a temporary deployment medium to enable TTC to distribute the modules whilst their own platform was being built.

What the client said

Passionate about customer service and meeting customer requirements…excellent project management and customer engagement skills. The quality of design and learning practices fully met our expectations.