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An employability assessment tool used to generate a learner’s initial learning plan


  • E-learning

Developed on behalf of Tribal and Working Links, this self-assessment tool comprises an introductory section to provide learner instructions and orientation followed by six sets of self-assessment questions based around six core areas of employability:

  •  Effective job searching
  •  Job application skills
  •  Interview skills
  •  Career skills
  •  Practical work skills
  •  Positive work behaviours

Each question returns a level. These levels are used to calculate a learner’s level in each of the core areas, and in turn, an overall level for employability.

The results page presents an assessment profile against the six core areas and a linked page, displaying each question, shows the user’s answer to that question and the level achieved.

For Tribal, the tool forms the heart of its new employability learner journey where the assessment is used to generate a learner’s initial learning plan. Working Links use the tool within the employability learner journey as part of its IT solution supporting its delivery of the Work Programme.