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Motivating and engaging customer service e-learning


  • E-learning

Tribal has been successfully delivering paper-based courses to provide qualifications in a range of subject areas and there is a growing demand to offer these courses online.

In converting the Customer Service course, Walkgrove’s brief was to make the content more motivating and engaging for learners whilst at the same time enabling them to learn and assess their own skills online.

As with the paper-based course, the online course and online assessments allow the learner to gain a recognised qualification. It was therefore important that any substantial changes in content were agreed with subject-matter experts.

The new online course forms part of Tribal’s apprenticeship programme (MyApp), and is also sold as a standalone course to colleges and individuals. The course comprises the following modules:

  •  The customer service role
  •  Organisational procedures
  •  Customer legislation
  •  Offering products and services
  •  Customer needs and expectations
  •  Customer feedback and complaints
  •  Communication with customers
  •  Working with others