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Large-scale digitisation of over 5,000 learning assets


  • E-learning
  • Blended
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Simulation

We worked with Tribal Education Ltd to design and deliver over 4,000 e-learning objects to NHS South West over a four-year period.

Learning objects are fully accessible and categorised as simple, intermediate or complex. Simple objects include interactive pdf documents, PowerPoint presentations, checklists and online quizzes.

Intermediate objects are interactive e-learning modules typically comprising around 20 screens and incorporating photographic imagery, a range of interaction types, simple animations, video and audio.

Complex objects are e-learning modules that incorporate more sophisticated assets and design features such as complex branching, bespoke photography, complex graphics and animations including 3D, video, and simulations.

Learning objects are arranged into learning units – coherent ‘chunks of learning’ with clear aims and objectives focused on specific competencies – and organised into seven pathways. Each object is stand-alone and is re-used in a number of learning units and across a number of pathways.

Accessed via the South West Learning4Health portal, learners apply a search criteria in order to find appropriate materials quickly and easily.