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Classroom and practical on-road training to safeguard vulnerable road users


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Walkgrove created an innovative training intervention on driving safely in the city for commercial fleet drivers of large vehicles, including an on-cycle practical awareness session.

The training need

Transport for London (TfL) asked Walkgrove to redesign an essential component of their training to support the commercial fleet sector in improving road safety and reducing environmental and road network impacts.

TfL wanted drivers to better manage the risks and hazards of driving heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in UK cities, particularly London. They required a course that would equip drivers with the knowledge and skills needed to share the road safely with vulnerable road users, in particular pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. TfL wanted a rigorous intervention that combined classroom and practical elements.

The course forms part of the training offered by the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme of accreditation for commercial fleet operators, delivered by approved trainers and is one of the requisites for achieving Silver accreditation.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove designed a bespoke CPC-accredited classroom learning solution and on-road practical module that would provide improved awareness and clear guidance for driving safely alongside vulnerable road users in London.

The first face-to-face training module explains the importance of sharing the road safely. It introduces the vulnerabilities of pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists and the driving techniques and equipment that HGV drivers can use to mitigate risks of collisions. The learning solution includes guided activities, memorable presentation of key information using PowerPoint, engaging videos and a takeaway pack for participants.

The second practical on-cycle module comprises a practical trip out onto the road where drivers ride cycles to fully appreciate the cyclists’ point of view. This component made Safe Urban Driving the first accredited course in the UK to include on-road cycle training for drivers. After an initial safety briefing and basic active travel tips such as bike handling and observations, and consideration of cyclist behaviour, drivers get out on the to get a vulnerable road user’s perspective of busy urban environments. The training finishes with an optional quiz.

To facilitate consistent delivery of the Safe Urban Driving module across the country and internationally, Walkgrove produced a comprehensive and quality training notes pack with helpful background information as well as detailed lesson plans and administration documents.

After completing the initial re-design and development back in 2013-14, Walkgrove has since been commissioned to update the course on two separate occasions, including the creation of bespoke video, adding new activities and content covering the changing streetscape and addressing changes in safety technology alongwith revamping the look and feel.