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Video-based classroom training to support an industry-wide safety culture in logistics and transport


  • Face to face
  • Story/scenario driven
  • Video

Walkgrove created a face-to-face training event and integrated multimedia training materials for the logistics and transport sector, designed to improve road safety for vulnerable road users.

The training need

Arising from the Safety Forum panel’s recommendations, Transport for London (TfL), alongside the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), required a set of training materials for fleet managers that would help them to meet industry standards, specifically aligning to the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Standard.

The training would form part of TfL’s national drive to equip logistics and transport managers with the support they needed to embed a safety-first culture. The content needed to offer a standardised and comprehensive introduction to the importance of adopting health and safety policies and procedures within the freight and transport industry, particularly with regard to protecting vulnerable road users. A key intention for the course was to become a quality training solution for all road safety organisations, including RoSPA, Brake and FORS.

Walkgrove was commissioned to produce the training materials based on an existing CILT video, to enhance the filmed components and produce supporting classroom presentations and activities.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a 90-minute multimedia training course linked to the CILT video, ‘Our Vehicles, Our Safety, Our Responsibility’. The bespoke classroom session Managing Risk in Our Supply Chain, includes dramatised story-based video clips, presentation materials and discussion activities for groups and pairs.

Training content introduces fleet operators to the moral, economic and legal imperatives to reduce work-related incidents and the wide benefits of improved health and safety practices. Across six separate lessons, learners analyse the importance of good safety management, consider why and how to minimise risk to vulnerable road users and discover the need for processes that handle serious road incidents.

Walkgrove updated and refreshed the video content, which draws out key learning points. A clear PowerPoint presentation helps facilitators to manage the video clips, introduce activities and summarise learning.

Walkgrove supported the presentation materials with a robust pack of trainer notes, ensuring consistent course delivery and full coverage of key learning points.

Participants in the training also receive a bespoke participant pack with a self-assessment checklist, notes pages, summaries of key points and an action plan.