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Blended solution using nine different tools and media to change driver behaviour


  • E-learning
  • Marketing collateral
  • LMS
  • Consultancy/research
  • Face to face
  • Blended
  • Video
  • Animation
  • 3D
  • Simulation
  • Gamification
  • Story/scenario driven

The problem: Whilst heavy goods vehicle drivers are required to undertake certified training, van drivers are not. Over the next three years, the Crossrail Project, the largest construction project in Europe, moves to a phase whereby the large numbers of construction vehicles entering and leaving their sites will reduce and the numbers of vans will increase. This is estimated to result in an additional 7,000 vans on London’s roads.

In addition, Transport for London themselves have 6,000 vans on the road. Whilst police and Department of Transport checks enforce the law, the number of vans stopped that would fail their MOT is over 50%. So training is required for drivers to comply with the law in terms of their vehicles being roadworthy and for behaviour change to make them want to drive safely and responsibly. A tender was issued by Transport for London seeking a company to work with them to design a raft of training interventions to address the requirement.

The solution: Walkgrove won the tender for the work, employing a cycle training company and a global engineering company as sub-contractors/subject matter experts. Our first recommendation was that, as there was no training programme in existence; merely a wish list of improved safety and behavioural requirements, we should start by developing a competency framework to underpin the training programme. The framework should define the competencies and the performance criteria to achieve them.

Once developed, Walkgrove worked with our sub-contractors and Transport for London to develop objectives, assign appropriate media to groups of objectives and then design, pilot and deliver the following components:

  • Online pre-and post -assessments
  •  Two x one-hour training modules (classroom)
  •  One x one-hour on-cycle experience on London’s roads (to ‘see’ it from the other side)
  •  Driver handbook
  •  Manager’s Toolkit
  •  Toolbox talks
  •  Promotional posters
  •  E-learning assessment with 3D elements
  •  Comms plan