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A comprehensive and informative learning solution for Research Fellows and scientific researchers


  • E-learning
  • LMS
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Story/scenario driven
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The training need

Following the announcement of new government guidance on international research collaboration, The Royal Society (TRS) required a virtual training course for their Research Fellows. The course aims to share information in a clear, asynchronous format. We developed a contemporary, impactful and memorable e-learning course covering the vital topic of protecting UK research and innovation within international collaborations. 

Our bespoke learning solution

The Trusted Research solution we created comprises six bite size interconnected and interdependent topics, structured thematically and written succinctly, focusing on the key learning objective for each one.

The course combines frequent interactive techniques designed to bring content to life and maintain learner engagement, and simple animations outline and illustrate the processes.

We worked with The Royal Society’s subject matter experts to develop short interactive scenario examples to build learner interest and ensure content was applied in a relevant context. Extended case studies are also included in the final topic to encourage learners to reflect on real situations where research issues arose and establish how they would respond to each challenge.

We used relevant, simple visuals and a pared-back approach to content presentation to create a clean and contemporary look-and-feel for the course. Visual features include clear infographics, photography which accurately depicted the range of research work undertaken by The Royal Society’s Research Fellows, and smooth, simple transitions to promote a sense of flow throughout each topic.

TRS opted to deploy the e-learning on a customised version of  Walkgrove’s LMS, Svelte.