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Game-based training to drive greener fleets


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • 3D
  • Animation
  • Gamification
  • Simulation
  • Story/scenario driven
  • Video

Walkgrove created an award-winning learning game and immersive e-learning module to promote environmentally conscious behaviour change by fleet drivers and operators.

The training need

Professional services company WYG, on behalf of Transport for London (TfL), commissioned Walkgrove to create a bespoke e-learning component for their LoCITY programme for fleet operators and drivers which encourages the uptake of lower emission commercial vehicles.

Having identified air pollution as a major threat to public health, TfL wanted to launch a major awareness initiative that would encourage operators to reduce the localised emissions related to their fleets. The training had to complement other initiatives launched by the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and LoCITY, both dedicated to improving safety and environmental standards within Britain’s vehicle fleets.

In addition to a manager’s toolkit and classroom-based training, two e-learning modules were needed to improve understanding of the environmental impacts of driver behaviour and the benefits of greater fuel efficiency and more environmentally friendly fuels and vehicles.

One module was targeted at commercial vehicle drivers, while a second module was designed for fleet and transport managers. The target audience included learners who do not have English as their first language and those who may be resistant to environmental messaging, so the requirement for the non-mandatory modules was a clear, enjoyable and non-threatening learning experience.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove used a collaborative approach by engaging with industry and environmental experts as well as other training stakeholders to create two persuasive bespoke e-learning modules.

In the 20-minute LoCITY Driving: Time to Clean Up module, drivers enter a challenging game set in a fictional city with poor air quality. The mission is to visit locations across the city and complete tasks to reduce fuel use and emissions through driving practices, in order to bring the air quality within the city up to a safe level. Learners are required to take on driving tasks, simulations and scenarios to apply their knowledge about vehicle idling, eco-driving practices and vehicle management. Time to Clean Up is designed to be fun and have a competitive edge, so that drivers are encouraged to complete the training and retain the key learning points.

The second custom e-learning module, Time to Look Ahead, focuses on alternatively fuelled vehicles and uses the fictional and virtual ‘ecotrux’ showroom as a device to allow the learner to explore the four main types of vehicle being promoted: electric, plug-in hybrid, hydrogen and natural gas. Learners are given an opportunity to take an immersive test-drive in the plug-in hybrid vehicle to give them an understanding of how it operates and its pros and cons. The module focuses on debunking some of the myths about alternative fuels and vehicles, encouraging more positive thinking and better-informed decision-making on vehicle hire and purchase.

To create an engaging and relatable learning experience in both mobile-friendly modules, the e-learning development team combined simple and succinct text explanations with short animations, video, dynamic infographics and photo-realistic 3D scenes and components supported by an audio track of urban sounds.

The training initiative was received well by drivers and operators and  was shortlisted for three learning awards. LoCITY Driving and the accompanying classroom module won the Education in Transport award at the National Courier Awards.