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A suite of e-learning modules used on the TfL FORS Online portal


  • E-learning

Transport for London (TfL) commissioned Walkgrove to develop a suite of bespoke e-learning modules for use by members of the Freight Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS).

The primary audience for this e-learning consists of thousands of commercial drivers working either as a sole-trader, within a small business or as part of a larger freight depot. They are drivers of a diverse range of vehicles ranging from car derived vans through to drivers of abnormal loads.

Fuel Efficient Driving aims to give the learner an awareness of the individual, community and environmental benefits of vehicle maintenance and driving in a fuel efficient manner.

Work-Related Road Safety aims to provide the learner with an overview of the risks associated with driving in London, vulnerable road user groups, laws and restrictions that govern road safety in London and behaviours that increase the risk of accidents.

Avoiding Penalty Charge Notices aims to give the learner an awareness of what a Penalty Charge Notice is, why they are issued and what actions they can adopt to avoid them.

To provide reliable and secure hosting, registration and tracking, we also provided a custom portal.