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Multi-device fire awareness training


  • E-learning
  • Mobile first, responsive

Telefonica Europe commissioned Walkgrove to develop a 30-minute, multi-device, compulsory fire awareness training e-learning module.

The module was made available to all UK Telefonica staff, including new starters and existing experienced staff as a refresher and contains two learning strands, one aimed at staff in a retail position and a second aimed at all other staff.

The design used a highly interactive approach, using activities and interactive presentation screens to convey the learning messages, rather than lots of on-screen text. The focus was on encouraging learners to learn through interaction, practice and feedback.

The look and feel of the e-learning complies with Telefonica’s strong brand guidelines and and uses stock images and illustrative graphics to explain processes and procedures to give the e-learning an eye-catching and visually appealing look.

The e-learning was written in an informal style using plain English, taking a ‘less is more approach’. The tone of voice was informal, simple and easy to understand, using uncomplicated language that is free from complex and unnecessary jargon. The module uses a scenario-based approach to ensure that the learner relates the learning to the real world importance of the fire safety message.