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Compliance training responsive to learner roles and knowledge


  • E-learning
  • Story/scenario driven

Walkgrove created a clear introduction to an important compliance area for staff in the telecommunications sector, using diagnostics and profiling to ensure that learners studied only the most relevant topics.

The training need

Telefónica is one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world. To meet their legal obligations and protect themselves from risks of non-compliance, the organisation needed to ensure that all relevant staff could demonstrate an understanding of contract law fundamentals and how they applied to day-to-day work at the company.

The training was particularly necessary for employees directly involved in selling and procurement as a key part of their role, but more basic information on contract law also had to be communicated to a wider range of roles.

Our bespoke learning solution

Based on an analysis of Telefónica’s learning requirements, Walkgrove designed a 60-minute bespoke e-learning module on contract law essentials. The course includes modules explaining what contract law is and why it is essential to Telefónica’s work. Topics also cover major principles of contract law, types of contract and key contractual clauses that employees may come across in their work.

Because some content is only pertinent to employees involved in direct sales, learners first select their job area before receiving a tailored selection of learning topics.

To meet the needs of busy employees, the course also offers everyone the chance to take a 25-question pre-assessment. If learners can demonstrate sufficient existing knowledge of contract law, they may skip some or all parts of the course.

The custom e-learning course design uses simple but effective learning screens where information is carefully divided into easy-to-process chunks. To put contract law in context and help learners apply its key elements, topics are framed within the story of an approachable Telefónica employee who is clueless about contract law. The modules also include real-life cautionary tales to demonstrate the possible serious consequences of failing to follow contract law.

Because the course relates to a vital compliance area, learners must pass a thorough assessment to complete the training course.