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Telesales training with system simulation to train point-of-sale staff


  • LMS
  • E-learning
  • Consultancy/research
  • Simulation

This e-learning comprises 12 modules to help train STA Travel point-of-sale staff worldwide in the use of a new IT system. The modules combine knowledge elements – background learning about the new system and procedures – with skills development elements through the use of case studies, which are designed to address the full range of functionality provided by the new IT system.

This project illustrates our ability to develop a treatment, style and interface design that is appealing and appropriate for the target audience and culture of the client organisation. The audience for this product is closely matched to STA’s target customer base (ie young, modern and dynamic) and this is reflected successfully in the product design both in terms of the user interface and the language and tone of the delivery.

The e-learning is deployed within a SCORM compliant LMS and we also provided a bespoke editing tool and training in its use to enable amendments and ‘localisation’ work to be implemented in-house by the client. To date, STA have used this tool to develop a number of European and an Australian version of the e-learning.

What the client said 

“I would not hesitate to use Walkgrove again for any future e-learning projects we may have. They provided consistently good service, always with a focus on us as the customer and gained a really good understanding of our culture which was shown in the final product that was delivered. They have always dealt efficiently with any subsequent questions and development and I consider us to have a very good on-going working relationship.”