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A comprehensive, adaptable suite of learning solutions to support compliant and confident phone insurance sales


  • LMS
  • E-learning
  • Animation
  • Mobile first, responsive
  • Mobile first, responsive
  • Gamification
  • Multiple languages
  • Simulation
  • Story/scenario driven
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    The training need

    SquareTrade is a consumer insurance provider, operating in over ten markets. SquareTrade policies are predominantly sold via their partners, including telecoms operators such as Three and Telenor and retailers, such as Tesco, ASDA, Amazon, eBay, and MediaMarkt. SquareTrade is responsible for training partner staff on their products, services and compliance.

    As a result, they identified a requirement to provide asynchronous, on-the-go learning solutions to educate sales associates working for SquareTrade’s partners in markets across Europe, on Product Knowledge and Compliance.

    In addition, they hoped to create dedicated learning experiences to boost sales skills, comprising a Sales Simulation and an Assessment Game. They were keen that these solutions would establish the tone, level of engagement and creativity envisioned for all SquareTrade training going forward. The solution needed to be adaptable to meet the needs and expectations of different partners, as well as being flexible to meet the translation requirements for language versions across different countries.

    The solutions are designed to ensure that learners feel both confident about product knowledge and motivated about their day-to-day job, as well as increasing their ability to interact with customers and naturally attach insurance to the sale of phones, using compliant, conversational methods.

    Our bespoke learning solution

    Walkgrove’s completed solution for SquareTrade comprises:

    • Two mobile-first, informative modules covering:
      • Product knowledge: covering the range of products offered by Square Trade
      • Compliance: covering the mandatory aspects every member of staff needs to be aware of and comply with as part of their job
    • Two mobile friendly learning experiences, comprising:
      • A sales simulation: taking learners through the customer journey and letting them practise their skills and knowledge in a safe environment
      • An assessment game: verifying learners’ understanding of the courses via a game-like experience that fosters engagement and competition

    The Rise modules provide short, punchy training, aimed at increasing learners’ understanding and confidence in relation to: essential product information, their responsibilities as a salesperson and relevant rules and regulations. Rise is also an ideal solution for quick, efficient updates and offers flexibility to SquareTrade’s partners so they are able to tailor the information appropriately.

    The experience then builds upon the information provided, progressing to an interactive module which simulates the customer journey using realistic scenarios. These are constructed to assist learners in identifying and applying best practice sales approaches, customer interaction and service within a safe setting, with the aim of increasing the learners’ confidence.

    The scenarios include key questions and statements recommended for use in conversations with customers, hints and tips on how to handle objections, and the importance of recognising when to ‘walk away’ from a sale to increase the sustainability of sales. The simulation is underpinned with the ethos of ‘customer thinking’, ensuring that learners understand their role as a solution finder who will assist the customer in meeting their needs.

    Finally, the assessment game adds a final step to the learner journey and assesses learners’ knowledge and skills in an interactive, engaging and gamified environment. Similar to the simulation, this takes into account the full customer journey. Points are gained through customer feedback and ratings. When a learner ‘wins’ the game, this signifies that they have internalised the knowledge and skills from the other learning interventions and are now ready to apply these successfully in their day-to-day job.

    Walkgrove is continuing to work with SquareTrade to expand this suite of learning solutions for their various partners across Europe. 

    What the client said

    “We are really happy and appreciative of all of your efforts and we wanted to thank you all at Walkgrove for your part in bringing the E-learning online. Thanks again for your swift turnaround, patience and hard work.”