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Four training interventions for European sales teams including customer simulation and game-based assessment


  • E-learning
  • Video
  • Mobile first, responsive
  • Gamification
  • Multiple languages
  • Simulation
  • Story/scenario driven

Walkgrove created a suite of digital learning interventions for SquareTrade sales associate teams in multiple languages, including product knowledge e-learning, a sales simulation and a game-based sales assessment.

The training need

SquareTrade is an international warranty service provider for consumer electronics and appliances, whose products are sold by partner organisations across Europe. A company-wide assessment found that partner training was inconsistent and had no clear audit trail.

SquareTrade wanted to create a centralised platform for training content for all partners across Europe and offer consistently effective learning.

Walkgrove was commissioned to deploy a learning platform and develop its first learning offerings, which would be targeted at sales associates working in mobile phone sales. SquareTrade wanted their first learning interventions to set the bar for future training quality and creativity.

The training needed to develop associates’ insurance product knowledge and sales skills through a customer-centric lens. SquareTrade required a punchy learning solution suitable for a young and competitive target audience without access to a desktop computer.

Our bespoke learning solution

To support SquareTrade’s learning needs, Walkgrove developed two 15-minute responsive e-learning courses that enable learners to answer customer questions and suggest the right product, as well as improve their customer interaction skills and confidence.

The Product Knowledge training covers the range of SquareTrade products, while the Compliance course explains how to say the right thing in a sales pitch. Short, swift and easy to study on a mobile phone, content is delivered in bite-size chunks.

The 15-minute Sales Simulation training offers tips and tricks for effective sales conversations before introducing three mobile phone customers. Learners must use their new skills and knowledge to choose the correct conversational responses and support each customer to purchase the appropriate insurance product. The branching simulations show learners realistic customer reactions so they can learn from their choices and mistakes.

The final part of the training suite is a mobile-friendly assessment game in which learners must help a store re-establish consistent 5-star ratings for sales. The 20-minute challenge employs a stylish illustrative approach to depict scenes and characters, helping to create a fun and contemporary tone for the experience.

Learners explore a store map and engage with customers in different phases of the sales journey. Learners must decide how to ask queries and offer guidance, and customers respond accordingly. Each interaction results in a rating out of five from the customer for the sales associate’s helpfulness and product knowledge.

All of the custom e-learning and bespoke training products are deployed on Walkgrove’s lightweight learning experience platform, Svelte.

After initial launch, SquareTrade requested multiple translations and localisations of the content so that it is suitable for sales partner audiences across Europe including Germany, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Finland.

What the client said

Truly amazed at how the modules are built… love the look and feel of them… impressed by the approach taken to make the customers the centre of the learning… love how interactive it all is!