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Performance management training for line managers and staff


  • E-learning
Sport England commissioned Walkgrove to develop an e-learning module covering the topic of Performance Management.

The overall aim of the course is to engage all Sport England line managers with the Performance Development Review process to improve its effectiveness in order to enhance individual and organisational performance.

The course was aimed at two distinct audiences, line managers and non-line managers, and provides a clear understanding of what the Performance Development Review process is and why it’s important, increasing engagement and awareness in the process. The course enables line managers and colleagues (non-line managers) to understand their responsibilities, expected behaviours and how the review is integral to their role.

As Sport England has a professional, bright and articulate workforce, the tone of the course was pitched so that it is engaging, doesn’t patronise and is written in an informal style using plain English.

Our design used a highly interactive approach, using activities and interactive presentation screens to convey the learning messages, rather than lots of on-screen text. The focus will be on encouraging learners to learn through interaction, practice and feedback based on real life scenarios to put the learning into context.

The course used a mixture of stock images plus an illustrative style to explain processes and procedures, giving the e-learning an eye-catching and visually appealing look in line with Sport England’s brand guidelines. The images used in the scenarios will also be given a posterisation treatment to give them a specific look and feel throughout the e-learning.

Audio was used to summarise the on-screen text.