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Life skills training for NHS employees in clinical and non-clinical roles


  • E-learning

Through a collaboration between the Skills Academy for Health North West, the Learning and Skills Council, Move On, NHS North West, NHS Trusts, Skills for Health and Unionlearn, the Move On approach to Skills for Life training has been adopted.

This collaboration has combined the expertise and resources of all parties to develop training programmes that meet organisational and individual needs, as determined by the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework. Move On in the NHS has developed seven paper-based contextualised Skills for Life programmes.

These resources have evaluated well. There is however, a need to offer further flexibility in the use of these resources by offering an e-learning element for two specific programmes given their relevance to workforce needs. These are: Effective Communication Skills for Working in the NHS; and Move On Maths in the NHS.

Walkgrove were selected via a tendering process to develop these e-learning programs, which use a virtual mentor to guide users through the learning.

The main audience for this resource is NHS employees in a variety of clinical and non-clinical roles. It is also envisaged that they may be used by partners who support delivery of Academy sponsored programmes. This includes colleges and training providers.