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Introduction to computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for healthcare practitioners


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • LMS
  • Animation
  • Video

Walkgrove created a series of dynamic, media-rich, mobile friendly modules that trained healthcare practitioners to support patients with computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (cCBT).

The training need

SilverCloud is a leading digital healthcare company that provides computer-based mental and behavioural health programmes for a large range of healthcare organisations.

SilverCloud commissioned Walkgrove to develop some introductory e-learning on cCBT provision for healthcare practitioners within client organisations. The company wanted to give practitioners the skills to engage suitable patients in cCBT.

The training needed to educate practitioners about the basics of cCBT and develop their skills in clinical assessment and appropriate support. Walkgrove were requested to design training suitable for a wide audience of practitioners who could work in the NHS, third sector, or for a private healthcare provider.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created nearly two hours of interactive e-learning to familiarise healthcare practitioners with cCBT and Silvercloud’s programme of treatment.

Three learning modules give practitioners essential information. A 15-minute introduction welcomes learners to the cCBT model.  Learners can then progress to an hour of deeper learning about how to be a cCBT supporter, with clear guidance on how to assess clients for treatment and help them stay motivated throughout their digital programme. Learners are also instructed in conducting their own cCBT research. The final 30-minute ‘Space from Depression’ module takes learners through the tools and processes of the SilverCloud cCBT digital programme.

Walkgrove uses bespoke animations and video presentation screens to explain concepts and processes and produces contemporary on-brand illustrations in a friendly style that matches the SilverCloud brand. The media-rich, custom e-learning experience is complemented by full audio narration.

Walkgrove’s e-learning development team used realistic patient stories as interactive case studies, including video-based challenges and scenarios where learners have to respond to a fictional client and compare their ideas with a best practice answer.

The bespoke e-learning solution helps practitioners to measure their progress by taking a self-evaluated pre- and post-assessment of their competencies and knowledge about cCBT.

To support SilverCloud in deploying their training, Walkgrove also provided a customised version of our proprietary Learning Management System, Svelte.