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An easy-to-follow and practical guide to insurance procedures


  • E-learning

Walkgrove created a helpful guide to insurance policies and processes for thousands of volunteers within a major youth activity charity.

The training need

The Sea Cadets Corps is a national youth charity. It works with 14,000 young people aged between 10 and 18 years’ across the UK to deliver adventure activities that build practical life skills. The Sea Cadets requested the creation of a short e-learning module to cover insurance basics for all its 9,000 adult volunteers. The Cadets had received feedback that existing insurance guidance was not adequate and that insurance processes were difficult to understand, putting some units at risk of being under-insured. The Sea Cadets commissioned Walkgrove to develop a simple digital guide that would ensure all volunteers would understand how to provide and administer the correct insurance for their unit.

Our bespoke e-learning solution

Walkgrove created a succinct and practical 45-minute bespoke e-learning guide for the Sea Cadets on the practicalities of arranging and claiming insurance against incidents and accidents. Topics highlight the key policy information and explain what, when and how to insure, show how to maintain helpful records using computer systems and set out the steps involved in making a claim.

To make the custom e-learning module easy to absorb and simple to access, guidance is divided into a series of bite-sized learning topics that each cover a key part of the insurance policy and process. Learning screens use minimal text and separate key content into easily digestible chunks of information to avoid overwhelming learners with detail. Key steps in the process are tested regularly to validate understanding and reassure learners of their progress through using simple questioning, matching and ordering exercises.

E-learning development included selecting a range of bespoke photographs that reflect dynamic, positive and diverse scenes of cadets engaged in practical group activities. The high-quality photography of the SCC in action helps to create an engaging learning experience through adding visual interest and framing insurance procedures as an essential part of the charity’s day-to-day work with young people.