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‘Show me’ and ‘try me’ system simulation training


  • E-learning
  • Simulation
The Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB) are migrating all Scottish legal firms from paper-based legal aid applications to online applications via the new Legal Aid Online system. The target is for all legal aid applications to be carried out using the online system. The proprietary web-based system has been developed to make the application process quicker and more efficient, allowing participating legal firms to provide a better service to their clients and receive payment faster.

Since the Legal Aid Online system became available, training has been carried out via several methods and formats – including one-time on-site training sessions at individual firm’s premises, short online animations and movies and downloadable quick reference guides.

SLAB required a comprehensive e-learning solution to help the employees of these firms to get up to speed with the Advice and Assistance section of the system as fast as possible, and to act as a source of reference whenever needed. Walkgrove won this work.

The courses feature a balance of ‘show me’ and ‘try me’ elements, to ensure that the learner is both competent and confident in using the system. During the ‘try me’ elements, the learner is asked to carry out a task and is expected to click on the appropriate feature. Performing the correct action will allow the learner to move on to the next screen. An incorrect action will prompt a feedback message.

We have also provided a comprehensive Content Editor to enable changes to the program to be made in-house.