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Mandatory classroom based training for all Approved Medical Practitioners (AMPs) practising in Scotland


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Over a ten-year period, Walkgrove designed and delivered mandatory training for all psychiatrists practising in Scotland. The training was classroom-based, accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists (Scotland) and covered the consistent interpretation and application of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003.

The training need

The main aim of the Act is to give better protection and rights to people with a mental disorder. The main provisions of the Act came into effect on 5 October 2005. It:

  • Established the Mental Health Tribunal
  • Made new provisions to ensure that advocacy is available to all persons with a mental disorder
  • Strengthened the Mental Welfare Commission to ensure protection of those with mental illness and learning disabilities
  • Made provision for a new compulsory treatment order
  • Placed duties on local authorities to promote the wellbeing and social development of all persons in their area who have, or have had, a mental disorder
  • Placed additional safeguards in the use of certain medical treatments
  • Established mechanisms for the nomination of a named person with significant rights to represent the patient’s interests

The target audience were required to undertake an online assessment (Part 1) and then attend a full day’s training designed and delivered by Walkgrove Ltd (Part 2). These courses were all evaluated at Level 1 (reaction) and Level 3 (transference to the workplace) and the results were consistently so high that eventually the Scottish Government waived their need for the evaluations.

Scottish Ministers then made further Directions under s22 of the Act which makes it mandatory for all AMPs to undergo refresher training within each subsequent period of 5 years. Walkgrove bid for and won the work to design three refresher training events covering:

Core capacity

Forensic (including restriction)

Child and adolescent (CAMHS)

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove developed and maintained training events to cover both initial and refresher training over a ten year period. The materials were largely case study based and were delivered by an experienced AMP and an experienced Mental Health Officer (MHO). We worked in close cooperation with the Royal College of Psychiatrists (Scotland) for accreditation and certification purposes. The Scottish Government formally recorded their appreciation of the longevity and consistency of Walkgrove’s service but decided to take the work in-house to be developed and run by NHS Scotland.