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Core skills training and digital capacity-building for a domestic abuse charity


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Walkgrove designed bespoke e-learning as part of a charity course on domestic abuse and trained staff to create their own e-learning modules, reducing face-to-face delivery time and increasing access to content.

The training need

The national charity Coordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse (CAADA, now Safe Lives) delivers a range of leading training and learning resources for professionals working with and safeguarding victims of domestic abuse. Their Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA) course is targeted at professionals who support people experiencing abuse, who are at high risk of death or serious harm. The course involved 12 days of face-to-face training over a four-month period and was consistently oversubscribed.

CAADA wanted to reduce the time spent in the classroom and commissioned Walkgrove to create a short bespoke e-learning module to cover the core content. This approach would allow more classroom training sessions to be delivered within the same time budget and would also free up the face-to-face element of the course to focus on workshopping practical skills.

The training team at CAADA was skilled in the design of face-to-face learning events and wanted to extend their capability to include e-learning design. CAADA asked Walkgrove to build the digital capacity of their staff team to create simple e-learning courses in-house.

Our bespoke e-learning solution

To support a blended learning solution, Walkgrove created a clear, effective e-learning module for domestic abuse professionals to prepare them for CAADA’s Effective Advocacy Skills workshop. The 35-minute course provides the background theory behind practical elements covered in the workshop: active listening, stages of change and motivational interviewing.

Designed to be supplied up to four weeks in advance of the workshop, the custom e-learning module encourages reflective and interactive learning on core topics. As well as exploratory presentation screens that explain the key concepts, it includes thought-provoking exercises that ask learners to make choices, answer reflective questions and identify ideas and concepts. Each section concludes with a summary PDF that learners could helpfully print out and keep as reference, or use as part of preparation for their workshop sessions.

To support the CAADA team in creating their own e-learning courses, Walkgrove provided the charity with two days’ of training in both e-learning instructional design and how to use Articulate Storyline, an e-learning development tool. To facilitate this capacity-building, Walkgrove used Articulate to build the Effective Advocacy module and built ten reusable templates that CAADA’s in-house team could employ in future e-learning development.