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Payroll systems training delivered to 400 Royal Mail payroll clerks


  • E-learning
  • Blended
  • Simulation

Designed for delivery on a low-spec delivery platform and part of a blended learning approach, this is a series of three e-learning programs designed to help train and retrain 400 Royal Mail payroll clerks.

The programs provide tutorials covering the pay cycle process and also simulates the Royal Mail payroll system.

Two programs focused on basic payroll entries and the other covered more advanced tasks. Because every region did things slightly differently we eventually had to produce three versions of all the programs.

The programs include system emulation sequences incorporating ‘Help me’ and ‘Show me’ functions.

Assessment exercises are completed using paper-based documentation typical of the type used in the workplace.

We also designed a Level 3 Evaluation to be carried out three to six months after the training. The evaluation included a ‘pouch’ containing every type of document that might be submitted for input from a regional office.