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Inspiring showcase of company expertise, culture and history


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Animation
  • Multiple languages

Walkgrove created a communications-focused e-learning tool to introduce a wide range of internal and external staff to Renold and inspire audiences with the organisation’s product leadership, corporate values and history of excellence.

The training need

The international engineering group Renold plc is the world’s leading manufacturer of chains, gears and couplings for a range of applications. As part of a broader training digitisation programme, Renold commissioned Walkgrove to produce an introductory e-learning module for its stakeholders to serve as a marketing showcase of the company.

Renold wanted to communicate its product expertise, business ethos and unique market position in an engaging manner, as well as introducing its approach to customer relationships and performance management.

The training needed to be suitable for a very wide audience, as it was to form part of the induction of all staff into the organisation as well as including staff from a network of external distributors.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a bespoke e-learning introduction to Renold that is designed to win the buy-in of its audiences to Renold’s brand, products and working culture.

To maximise relevance and engagement for different audiences, Walkgrove created two tailored versions of the introduction: an extended 30-minute version for internal staff and a stripped-back 20-minute piece for external stakeholders. Both introductions focus on a high-level explanation of Renold and its rich history, its unique global market footprint and the customer journey.

Walkgrove’s custom e-learning experts used simple but effective presentation techniques to deliver core information, including dynamic infographics and exploratory timelines. Clear and crisp text-based information is supported with professional photography, 3D product illustrations and simple animationsWe paid particular attention to visually reinforcing the company brand, using a subtle visual motif of chains and mechanical components in addition to using on-brand colours and fonts.

The introduction is designed to be relevant to a wide global audience and was translated into four languages: Dutch, French, German and Spanish.