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A blended solution creating new supplementary training materials for non-dirver roles


  • Blended
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Simulation
  • Gamification
  • Story/scenario driven
RSSB sought a supplier to develop a suite of non-technical skills (NTS) training materials for rail companies to embed across selected non-driver roles in their organisations. The overall aim of this project was to create new supplementary training materials with a focus on five specific non-driver roles:

  • Shunter
  • Train running controllers
  • Guards (on-train)
  • Dispatchers
  • Fitters and engineers

Walkgrove were commissioned for this project and were supported by safety specialists Greenstreet Berman Ltd.

The Walkgrove methodology included a DIF analysis, consultation with RSSB stakeholders, target audience, trainers and frontline staff, leading to recommendations for the NTS training tools.

The blended solution included:

  • Animations and videos of scenarios
  • Audio conversations
  • Re-purposing of existing video
  • Discussion questions and facilitator notes to accompany footage, news reports and other information about the Kegworth Air Disaster and the Hudson River crash
  • What if? Scenario based cards
  • Two ‘mystery’ game activities and materials for two groups to play
  • A train set with platform based activity and ‘complication’ cards

The new materials are being used alongside the materials already created for driver NTS training already in place and successfully deployed across the industry. The use of NTS training to underpin and enhance the safe execution of technical tasks has seen demonstrable improvements in safety helping people to anticipate, identify and mitigate threats and errors to their performance.